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Uridine is one of the five important nucleosides that make up nucleic acid. Its chemical structure shows that it has a pyrimidine base. Uridine is found in food such as liver, yeast, beer, broccoli, tomatoes, and sugar cane. It’s also found in breast milk.

In our brain, memory formation, retention, and recollection require large quantities of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) to promote protein translation at the synapses. Uridine, in the form of a nootropic supplement, can ensure higher levels of RNA.

Uridine synergizes well with other nootropics to create an enhanced combined effect. Uridine is a must add if you’re using a nootropic stack with choline and racetam supplements. Uridine also works well with lipids and phosphate groups. The synergetic potential function of uridine with the choline group makes the scientists believe that a combo stack can be effectively used as an anti-depressant. Even without stacking, uridine is known to stimulate acetylcholine, which has a huge role to play in the proper functioning of various cognitive faculties.

A Harvard University study has found that a uridine supplement combined with EPA/DHA Omega-3 fatty acids acts as a potent mood enhancer.

Uridine and Synaptic Plasticity: Uridine brings about its various benefits by stimulating a chemical called phosphatidylcholine (PC). Inside the brain, the substance plays a vital role in assisting the cells to control and manage various enzymes. Phosphatidylcholine also promotes the development of neurites, which are elongations from brain cells that along with other neurons form synapses. The development of neurites leads to increase in synaptic plasticity, and along with it greater formation and storage of memories.

Uridine and Memory: There are billions of neurons in the brain. The neurons are not separate from each other; each neuron is connected to others by way of synapses. Sometimes, one neuron is connected and communicates with as many as 10,000 neurons. Moreover, every second the connections change and new connections are formed in the brain.

Formation of synapses and communication between neurons are the key to many of the brain’s functions, including memory. It’s not just a theory; now, many studies have established that new memories are formed through long-term potentiation of synapses. So, taking the uridine nootropic supplement will increase synaptogenesis, and thereby enhance memory.

Uridine and Dopamine: Uridine changes the mood and motivates you by influencing dopamine. This neurotransmitter is associated with the pleasure center of the brain. It plays a significant role in issues related to mood and the way stimuli effect it.

Dosage: 500 – 2000 mg per day

What Uridine Does
Improves level of RNA that decreases as we age
Increases choline and dopamine
Regulates metabolism
Synergizes well with choline, racetam, and omega 3 supplements
Converts to CDP-choline in the brain
Used for phosphatidylcholine synthesis in the brain
Uridine Benefits
Helps mood, memory, cognition
Enhances memory formation, retention, and recall
Combines with Omega 3 to form effective mood enhancer
Acts as an effective antidepressant when taken with choline supplements and fatty acids
Slows down brain aging


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