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Pterostilbene is also referred to as the longevity nootropic. The reason is simple; it targets elements that cause degeneration of cells and limit the lifespan of a person. By preventing age-related degeneration of cells, pterostilbene reduces the risk of various life-threatening diseases.

Pterostilbene is present in very small quantities in food; to really benefit from pterostilbene we need to consume it as a supplement. Additionally, pterostilbene in supplement form easily crosses the blood-brain-barrier.

The free radicals formed in our body are the primary reason for cellular degeneration. The antioxidant properties of this natural nootropic cause the elimination of  free radicals.

Another age-related issue is inflammation that causes atherosclerosis, cancers, and arthritis. Inflammation occurs due to excess release of phospholipase D and sphingosine kinase. The anti-inflammatory properties of pterostilbene prevent the release of these two enzymes.

To increase longevity,pterostilbene directly targets the source. The nootropic regulates the frequency and sensitivity of genetic communication. By influencing the genes, pterostilbene prevents age-related cell death and spread of cancer cells.

Pterostilbene takes multiple pathways to improve our cognition. The three most common routes are as follows:

  • Pterostilbene influences CREB, which has a significant role to play in synaptic plasticity
  • Pterostilbene increases the levels of dopamine in the brain
  • Pterostilbene is a strong antioxidant

Pterostilbene and Anxiety: The University of Mississippi carried out an experiment on mice to prove the connection between Pterostilbene and anxiety. It was found that small doses of the supplement triggered an anxiolytic effect in mice. Interestingly, the researchers also learned that unlike other anxiety treating drugs pterostilbene did not affect the motor movement.

Neuroprotective properties of Pterostilbene: Blueberries have been hailed for its neuroprotective effects. A few researchers, out of curiosity, studied the berries and found pterostilbene in it. Furthermore, in an experiment done on mice, it was found that use of pterostilbene reduced cell death, increased brain cell survival, prevented disruption of blood flow, and improved motor function. Pterostilbene ensures healthy brain by reducing neuron deaths and preventing oxidation.

Pterostilbene and Cognition: To substantiate the long-held belief that pterostilbene prevents cognitive decline and improves brain functioning, researchers studied the role of resveratrol and pterostilbene in treating patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. It was found that pterostilbene effectively modulated inflammation, cellular stress, and Alzheimer’s pathology. These functions of the nootropic supplement prevent cognitive decline and improve cognitive faculties such as memory, focus, and attention span. The supplement also improves memory and learning by stimulating the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

Dosage: 100 – 400 mg per day

What Pterostilbene Does
Has antioxidant properties
Prevents excess release of inflammation causing enzymes
Regulates the frequency and sensitivity of genetic communication
Pterostilbene Benefits
Promotes longevity, is an anti-aging nootropic
Enhances focus and other cognitive capabilities
Treats ADHD
Improves skin and brain health
Helps weight loss
Reduces risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, etc.


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