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The nootropic supplement piracetam is special. It was the first racetam to be developed in the early 60s and also led to the development of a new category of supplements called as nootropics. Piracetam was synthetically created to improve corpus callosum communication – the region in the brain that controls communication between the right and left hemisphere.

Piracetam influences many functions of the brain, all of which are not yet known to scientists. It’s believed that piracetam increases the permeability ofcell membranes. It helps the oxygen reach different parts of the brain. Piracetam’s action keeps the tissues nourished and healthy. By promoting oxygen circulation, the supplement reduces the risks of brain degeneration as we age. Additionally, the nootropic supplement ensures the waste produced in the brain cells is speedily removed.

Piracetam also influences glucose levels in the brain; doing so, it improves alertness and mental energy. Some experts claim that piracetam increases the effects of neurotransmitters by influencing calcium in the brain.

Piracetam and Memory: Most people use nootropics for memory enhancement and piracetam happens to be one of the best supplements to deliver that benefit. Innumerable studies have been carried out on the nootropic. A general analysis of 19 such studies on piracetam clearly established its claim as a powerful memory enhancer. It’s undeniable that piracetam can improve your memory, but there is still debate on how long it takes the supplement to deliver noticeable results. Most experts believe that piracetam requires time to take effect – around 10 to 14 days.

Piracetam as a Neuroprotector: Our body is no different from any machinery or electronic product; with time, the normal process of aging starts to take a toll on the body. Your memory, thinking process, and focus aren’t the same anymore. That’s because of age-related cognitive degeneration caused by neuron damage.

The nootropic supplement protects synapses, prevents neuron loss, and increases communication between neurons. Researchers are not 100% sure the supplement can reverse the cognitive damage in patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. The supplement is more effective as a preventing tool than as a cure.

Piracetam and Mood: The supplement’s influence on the cholinergic system and its positive effects on circulation of oxygen results in mood enhancing benefits. Studies suggest the supplement is very effective at fighting depression, reducing anxiety, and improving mood.

Piracetam and Sensory Perception: Piracetam will change the way you see the world around you. One of the benefits of increased acetylcholine in the brain is enhanced sensory perception. Touch, smell, and sight senses will be enhanced. Your ability to distinguish details and perceive things in the surrounding environment will increase multifold.

Dosage: 1.2 – 2 g per day

What Piracetam Does
Improves the permeability of cell membranes
Increases supply of oxygen
Removes waste materials from brain cells
Influences glucose levels
Influences calcium levels in the brain
Piracetam Benefits
Enhances memory, attention, and overall mental health
Reduces the risk of stroke and other conditions caused due to lack of oxygen
Prevents age-related cognitive decline
Increases alertness and mental energy
Improves concentration and mental agility
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Hi, came to know about a great stack for memory from my friend. The issue is I’m supposed to take 500mg of piracetam per day. Isn’t it too low? My friend thinks so. I love a quick response on this. Thanks in advance.

By Stan

Came to know that piracetam, or for that matter any member of the racetam family, takes hours to act in the body. If I make capsules out of them, will it further delay its action? Please advice.

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