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Phenylpiracetam was created by Russian scientists in the early 80s. The nootropic offers amazing benefits that have been fully utilized by the Russians. In Russia, phenylpiracetam is given to astronauts and soldiers to enhance their physical and mental performance. After nearly three decades, the West has finally recognized the potential of phenylpiracetam.

Phenylpiracetam derives many of its cognitive benefits from the parent compound, piracetam. The new nootropic augments memory, improves problem-solving skills, enhances focus and concentration, increases learning capacity, and boosts mental energy. Phenylpiracetam’s benefits are not limited to these cognitive functions. It can reduce motion sickness, improve mood, diminish the effect of amnesia, suppress fear and anxiety, and increase our body’s tolerance to cold.

As a strong nootropic, the substance has considerable influence on several neurotransmitters and receptor sites. Phenylpiracetam seems to have a special relationship with Dopamine, NDMA, GABA, and Acetylcholine. It’s even known to modulate norepinephrine, serotonin, and, glutamate in the brain.

You don’t have to be an astronaut, soldier, or athlete to use this nootropic supplement. Anyonewanting to improve learning, memory, and physical performance can consider using this smart drug.

Caution: Phenylpiracetam is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Athletes are advised to consider this fact before deciding on supplementation.

What Phenylpiracetam Does
Modulates several neurotransmitters including dopamine, GABA, and Acetylcholine
Influences receptors sites in the brain
Improves GI absorption and transport across the blood brain barrier
Phenylpiracetam Benefits
Improves learning, memory, and mental performance
Reduces stress, anxiety, and improves mood
Increases tolerance to cold, reduces motion sickness, and decreases the effects of sleep deprivation


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