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After consuming the supplement, our body picks up noopept from the gastrointestinal tract. When noopept reaches the brain, it easily crosses the blood-brain-barrier and binds with select glutamate receptors. The nootropic supplement subsequently discourages the breakdown of the neurotransmitter glutamate. It’s a known fact that the neurotransmitter glutamate is connected to several cognitive functions.

The glutamate neurotransmitter is at the heart of the glutamatergic system, which is a crucial system in the brain. The supplement influences the receptors to readily activate the neurotransmitter; by doing so,noopept enhances memory formation, ensures speedy recall, and encourages quick learning.

The brain, like the other parts of the body, needs oxygen and nutrition to survive and perform optimally. Noopept increases oxygen supply to the brain. It also aids glucose metabolism. When the levels of oxygen and glucose are high in the brain, we experience positive changes like improved clarity, focus, and concentration. We feel more energetic, and at the same time, calm and focused.

This nootropic helps the users in many different ways. Noopept is a powerful nootropic that significantly improves cognitive functioning. For some the impact of using this supplement might be subtle and slow, but many have reported quick and noticeable change.

Noopept and Memory: One of the biggest advantages of using noopept is improvement in memory and learning ability. Regular use is known to promote memory formation, retention, and quick recall. Its relations with acetylcholine and glutamate benefit the long-term memory the most.

Noopept and Mental Energy: Every one of us has experienced brain fog at one time or another. When that happens we lose focus, start forgetting important details, get confused, and make rash decisions. Regular use of noopept will lift the brain fog and make everything clear. We’ll feel more energetic, stop over thinking, and be precise with our decisions.

Neuroprotective Properties of Noopept: The nootropic supplement has proven itself as an excellent anti-oxidant. It keeps the brain free from toxins, reduces brain cell damage, and prevents neuron death. Noopept takes care of the neurons and improves the overall health of the brain by stimulating nerve growth. The supplement decreases oxidation induced mental stress and reduces the risk of neuron damage caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

Noopept and Brain Communication: Noopept does more than just protect the neurons in the brain. It actively promotes formation of new connections and development of synapses that connect the twohemispheres of the brain. By connecting the two hemispheres and improving communication,noopept increases creativity, thinking, and analyzing capabilities.

Dosage: 10 – 40 mg per day

What Noopept Does
Attaches itself to glutamate receptors
Stimulates the receptors to activate glutamate
Increases oxygen supply in the brain
Improves glucose metabolism
Increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)
Noopept Benefits
Improves mental clarity, focus, and concentration
Encourages quick learning
Enhances memory formation, retention, and recall
Increases mental energy, alertness, and clarity
Increases the feeling of calmness
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By JavaGuy

From the day I started taking noopept I feel hungry all the time. I feel very energetic though. Hope the hunger pangs stop soon. Noopept is doing its stuff, I won’t hate to discontinue just to avoid food craving.

By Lynda

Exams are around the corner and I’m planning to use noopept only till the tests end. Hope it works. Everyone out there wish me luck. I’ll need it

By Simon

I’ve been asked by my doctor to stop using noopept. I visited him to treat dizzy spells I was having for the past few months. He didn’t go into the details. He prescribed a medicine and asked to stop using this nootropic. Will share with everyone the reason once I get to know more about it.

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