Nootropic NALT, N-acetyl tyrosine

NALT, N-acetyl tyrosine

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Our body produces L-tyrosine, but in small quantities, that’s inadequate to enhance ourcognitive capabilities. To get the cognitive benefits of this amino acid we supplement with a similar substance called NALT. Taking NALT offers many benefits. Apart from promoting L-tyrosine, NALT also boosts the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine.

A slight changein its chemical structure has made NALT highly bioavailable. It’s believed that the nootropic supplement changes to L-dopa, which later turns into dopamine, and other cognitive boosting chemicals.

Before L-dopa converts into brain-boosting chemicals it changes into melanin. In the brain, melanin performs the crucial function of gathering and clearing lead, mercury, and other harmful materials from our bodies. It also converts excess dopamine into norepinephrine.

Taking nootropic supplement NALT can cheer you up, improve mood, relieve depression, build clarity of thought, improve mental fluidity, improve concentration, enhance focus, increase mental energy, enhance analytical skills, improve learning, and increase memory function.

N-acetyl tyrosine and Stress: In today’s world, either we have lost the ability to handle stress or the modern, fast pace lifestyle is just too much to handle. Whatever might be the reason, it looks like we need help to manage stress. Luckily, we have NALT to assist us.

In has been proved by many researchers that stress can cause serious problems to our body and mind. Numerous studies have found that the level of catecholamine significantly increases because of stress. This will further lead to anxiety, stress, and other mood related problems.

Catecholaminesarea collection of monoamines that function like neurotransmitters and hormones in our body. Some of the main compounds that form the catecholamine group are norepinephrine / noradrenaline, epinephrine / adrenaline, and dopamine. All these neurotransmitters are related to alertness, focus, attention, and mood.

NALT supplementation will not directly produce atecholamines. It’ll increase the precursor and indirectly stimulate the production of the compound.

In a study, participants were subjected to a cold-stress test. Participants’ cognitive performance under extreme cold conditions was evaluated by the researchers. It was found that NALT users performed better than the placebo group. In another experiment, cold-stress test was used to measure the memory of the participants. Here too, those who were taking NALT had higher working memory than the placebo group.

Side Effects: NALT is safe to use and there is minimal chance of side effects if the dosage recommendation is strictly followed. However, high dosage of this supplement may result in adverse effects that include heartburn, nausea, GI distress, fatigue, and headache.

Dosage: 500 – 2000 mg per day

What NALT Does
Highly bioavailable form of Tyrosine
Promotes dopamine and norepinephrine
Produces melanin that clears lead, mercury, and other harmful materials from the brain
NALT Benefits
Improves mood and relieves depression
Builds clarity of thought and improves mental fluidity
Enhances focus, concentration, and memory
Enhances analytical skills, improves learning
Increases mental energy, and reduces chronic fatigue
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