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Lion’s Mane Mushroom

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Lion’s mane is unlike any other mushroom. The picture that comes to our mind when we hear the word mushroom doesn’tapply to this supplement. As the name suggests this mushroom resembles a lion’s mane. Its claim to fame is not the appearance but the many cognitive-enhancing qualities. Some even claim lion’s mane to be nature’s gift to the nervous system.

Loin’s Mane and Memory: Lion’s mane mushroom promotes myelin accumulation in the brain. Layers of fatty cells that cover the axon in the brain cell are called as myelin. Healthy deposits of the fatty myelin increase the flow of electrical impulse from one cell to another. By aiding myelination, lion’s mane enhances our thought processing and improves memory formation.

Lion’s Mane and NGF: Lion’s mane also plays a key role in the release of nerve growth factor. It’s well known that NGF is indispensable for creation, growth, maintenance, and function of the brain cells. By promoting NGF, which is also responsible for the formation of new neuron connections and better communication between different parts of the brain, the natural nootropic enhances memory formation and recall.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Fights Depression: Battling depression can be a really tough challenge, however with the help of lion’s mane mushroom, people with depression and anxiety problems can be helped to a significantdegree. Several studies have shown that the extract of the lion’s mane mushroom decreases menopausal symptoms such as loss of concentration and irritability when administered over a span of 2 months. The lion’s mane mushroom also helps in reducing inflammation which is known to happen along with depression.

Neuroprotective Effect of Lion’s Mane: Many studies have shown that the extract of lion’s mane mushroom, when administered regularly, increases the production of neurotrophin, a protein which is responsible for the growth of neurons. In addition to the growth ofneurons, the protein is also responsible for the repair and maintenance of neurons. Conditions such as muscular dystrophy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders can be significantly improved as the supplement can improve nerve regeneration.

Lion’s Mane Reduces Fatigue: Today, fatigue has become a common problem which many people face, from the general public to celebritiesalike. The lion’s mane mushroom has proven to be an effective medicine for battling fatigue; the mushroom reduces the levels of lactic acid, serum urea nitrogen and malondialdehyde in the blood which are the key fatigue causing agents.

Lion’s Mane and Cholesterol: The mushroom is truly a repository of medicinal properties which also helps in not only lowering the levels of harmful lipids such as LDL but also increasing the levels of good lipids such as HDL in the blood.

Dosage: 150 – 500 mg per day

What Lion’s Mane Mushroom Does
Increases Nerve Growth Factor
Promotes myelination
Reduces age related neuron damage
Promotes formation of new neuron connections
Increases communication between different parts of the brain
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits
Helps memory formation, storage, and recall
Enhances thought processing
Prevents degeneration of brain cells
Improves immune system and promotes longevity
Fights Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
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