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Inositol is naturally produced in our body and it’s also present in the food we eat. Inside our body, this substance is mainly found in our spinal fluid, especially within the cell membranes. Inositol performs several functions; the most prominent of them involves transporting fat in our body. It also influences the neurotransmitters to improve communication among the neurons.

In addition, inositol aids in the production of a number of compounds that are essential for cells to function normally. At times, due to a variety of factors, the amount of  inositol in our body decreases and supplementation becomes necessary.

Like its role inside the body, the substance works in different ways. It’s believed that the supplement promotes the release of the neurotransmitters by freeing the calcium channels inside the brain. While inositol influences a number of neurotransmitters, it has a special liking for serotonin. This neurotransmitter plays a key role in managing sleep patterns and regulating our mood. The nootropic supplement arrests the cognitive decline and promotes long-term brain health by generating neurons in the brain.

The supplement’s link to the neurotransmitters that control mood indicates that inositol is quite good at fighting depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and any other mood-related ailments. Studies have found a clear link between low levels of inositol and depression.

Inositol and Depression: There is ample scientific evidence to prove inositol’s role in fighting depression. In a study, one group was given 12grams of the nootropic supplement per day, whereas the other group of participants was given placebo. Those who took the supplement showed clear signs of improvement and reduction in depression.

Inositol and Panic Attacks: Equally impressive is the supplement’s effect on people suffering from panic attacks. Users of inositol reported a decrease in frequency and severity of panic attacks.

Inositol and Weight Loss: Inositol is considered a pseudo-vitamin, but when it’s taken along with B complex vitamins, the supplement breaks down fat and promotes weight loss. Being a lipotropic agent, inositol helps in the redistribution of fat if you are losing weight quickly. Research on the subject is limited, but it’s believed by experts that choline and inositol accelerate fat burning and prevent weight gain.

Inositol and Sleep: A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your mood. Fortunately, you won’t have problems with sleep as regular intake of Inositol increases the level of serotonin in the brain. The increase of this crucial neurotransmitter will calm your mind and improve sleep patterns.

Dosage: 500mg – 18g per day

What Inositol Does
Opens up the calcium channels in the brain
Increases the levels of serotonin
Helps in the generation of neurons
Increases the sensitivity of serotonin receptors
Inositol Benefits
Treats OCD, panic attacks, and depression
Reduces anxiety
Promotes weight loss
Calms the mind and improves sleep patterns
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By PokTd

Agree. I am trying to get out of depression. And found this product. After i bought it on this site and tryed it, i feel much better. Thank you!

By DonnyBe

It makes my coffee taste better and I use less sugar. Really good product

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