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Creatine is primarily used by athletes and bodybuilders because it produces energy that’s used by the muscles. Increased presence of creatine in the body helps all forms of physical activities such as strength training, weight lifting, etc. Creatine enables muscle builders to push themselves, train harder and train longer.

Creatine and its Neuroprotective Properties: The nootropic in the form of phosphocreatine enzyme helps conversion of ADP into ATP, which is the energy that fuels our physical activities. The nootropic increases the formation of ATP, which protects the brain cells from harmful toxins and other stressors. This way,creatine protects neurons and reduces the risk of brain cell degeneration.

Creatine also promotes metabolism in the brain. By speeding the metabolism, this nootropic supplement ensures the normal cognitive functioning and proper maintenance of neurons.

Creatine and Mood: Creatine also works by calming the brain, and prevents over excitement. Experts have found that overexciting can increase toxicity in the brain. By calming the brain, creatine reduces toxicity. Studies have shown that creatine improves mood in patients who suffer from depression.

Creatine and the Brain: When creatine is taken, it’s readily absorbed into the blood stream. It then easily crosses the blood-brain barrier – a barrierthat is designed to keepmostharmful toxins from crossing over.  Once it is crossed, substances have access to the central nervous system. Upon reaching the brain, the supplement combines with phosphate. The combination of these two substances boosts energy consumption, which naturally leads to enhanced cognitive functioning. The supplement makes the neurons hit the reset button after firing each impulse. This action enhances the neuron efficiency and boosts cognitive performance.

Creatine and Stacking: Creatine is a useful addition in nootropic stacks. It’s a known fact that nootropics, especially the members of the racetam family, consume abundance of energy and cause brain fog. Most nootropic users who don’t follow a healthy diet and lifestyle experience brain fog. Adding creatine to the nootropic stack will supply the ATP to meet the energy demands.

Hence, as part of a nootropic stack, Creatine serves two purposes. As a stand-alone nootropic supplement, creatine enhances cognitive functions and as component of a stack, it reduces the negative effects of certain nootropics.

Creatine and Short-term Memory: According to experts, creatine enhances memory, more particularly short-term memory. Research on this subject has established that our short-term memory / working memory get a boost when the nootropic supplement re-synthesizes ATP.

Creatine and Decision-Making: Our decision-making ability gets compromised when we’re mentally exhausted and tired. The ATP boost that Creatine provides improves our physical and mental energy.

Dosage: 2.5 – 25 g per day

What Creatine Does
Helps convert ADP to ATP
Acts as neuroprotectant
Calms overexcited brain and reduces toxicity
Creatine Benefits
Increases athletic performance, helps bodybuilders
Improves focus, mental energy, mood
Fights bipolar disorder, depression
Reduces risk of age-related cognitive decline
Fights cholesterol and arthritis
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By Denny

Good site. Good product. Creatine really helps when you got problems with mood and motivation!

By WDan

Hey, I found this really usefull for me. Work out with this thing is going to be really usefull and easy. It really helps with Muscle Building.

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