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Even though coluracetam was derived from piracetam and belongs to the racetam family, there are certain key distinctions between them. For one, coluracetam’s primary mode of action is as an enhancer of choline uptake. The supplement helps the neurons absorb more choline, even when the neurons are damaged or impaired. Promoting choline uptake is vital for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

This powerful neurotransmitter is central to several cognitive functions including focus, motivation, learning, and memory. The supplement is particularly effective in regions of the brain that control sight (visual) processing.

There is evidence to suggest that coluracetam influences glutamate by increasing the potency of AMPA receptors. Coluracetam’s memory enhancing properties are partly due to glutamate. It’s well known that the neurotransmitter is crucial for synaptic plasticity (e.g.) the capacity of synapses to increase or decrease in strength in response to their amount of activity. By influencing glutamate, coluracetam can enhance memory formation and retention in the brain.

Coluracetam hasn’t reached the masses to a significant degree. Perhaps, coluracetam’s fairly recent origin and limited research history might be the reason. What’s undeniable is that the supplement is fast becoming popular due to the benefits it offers.

Coluracetam’s Cognitive Benefits: The supplement’s various benefits are due to increase in acetylcholine production in the brain. Coluracetam promotes this neurotransmitter by increasing the choline uptake. The nootropic supplement encourages choline uptake in the synapses. These and other similar functions combine to stimulate the production of acetylcholine. Thus, boosting acetylcholine production improves the faculties that are associated with the neurotransmitter.

According to a study, coluracetam was administered to mice and they were given the well-known maze test to assess the memory. The results proved the supplement’s memory enhancing properties. Experts also believe that the supplement offers long-term memory enhancing benefits.

Coluracetam helps a wide range of functions in the brain, in addition to memory. The nootropic improved focus, decision making, concentration, and various cognitive functions.

Coluracetam and Depression: This nootropic could reduce anxiety and fight depression. This mood-related benefit of coluracetam was put to test in a study. Participants who were given coluracetam showed signs of reduced anxiety. Moreover, the symptoms of depression significantly decreased. It was also found that the supplement helped patients who received no benefit from their anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.

Coluracetam’s Stimulant Effects: Want to feel refreshed in the morning without taking a cup of coffee? The stimulant properties in coluracetam will increase your energy levels, motivation, focus, and attention span.

Dosage: 150 – 200 mg per day

What Coluracetam Does
Acts as choline uptake enhancer
Helps in the synthesis of acetylcholine
Increases potency of AMPA receptors
Influences the neurotransmitter glutamate
Coluracetam Benefits
Improves vision
Used in the treatment of optic nerve and retinal injury
Enhances focus, memory, learning, and motivation
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By Shiv

Hi, coluracetam was suggested to me as a way to improve memory and focus, but, seems to be for good vision and optic nerve injury. I want to improve focus and memory. Can you suggest a good nootropic supplement for that?

By Rob

Wonderful nootropic. Taking it for a few months now and feeling great. My eyesight has improved, not much, but enough to know that the substance is doing its job. Will continue using it and share the progress. T.

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