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Alpha-GPC Stimulates Acetylcholine: Alpha-GPC is predominantly used to encourage memory formation, storage, and recall. Alpha-GPC’s memory enhancing effects are backed by decades of research and study on this subject.

It’s believed that alpha-GPC increases the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain. It’s well known that acetylcholine is associated with a number of cognitive functions including memory. By promoting acetylcholine, alpha-GPC enhances both short-term and long-term memory of an individual.

Alpha-GPC Improves Blood and Oxygen Flow: The nootropic supplement also helps improve memory by increasing the blood flow in the brain. Improving the blood circulation also means more oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells. The natural outcome of better blood circulation is less fatigue, more energy, increased motivation, better focus, and enhanced memory.

The study results also back the theory that alpha-GPC increases the concentration of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Alpha-GPC also exhibits antioxidant properties. Apart from increasing the blood flow, the supplement also removes waste materials, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals from the brain.

Alpha-GPC Influences the Brain at the Cellular Level: To enhance the cognitive functions, the nootropic supplement focuses on the most fundamental element of the brain – the outer layer of the cell.

Before readingfurther, you need to know that alpha-GPC is a form of choline present in the brain. It’s also a part of phospholipid – the substance that forms the protective outer layer of the cell. This layer slowly diminishes and decreases as we age, which leads of cognitive decline. Taking alpha-GPC will restore the outer layer and improve various cognitive abilities. The nootropic supplement also protects neurons and improves overall brain health.

Apart from repairing and developing the outer phospholipid layer, alpha-GPC benefits the whole cell. The supplement strengthens every component of the cell and improves its functioning. A well-developed and well-functioning outer cell layer helps in communication between the neurons. By improving interneuron communication, the supplement increases memory, focus, and attention span.

Alpha-GPC Fights Cognitive Decline: Cognitive decline which is the result of the disappearing phospholipid layer causes serious disorders such as memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Taking alpha-GPC supplement will address the symptoms of these diseases and have a long-term positive effect on the brain.

By protecting and strengthening the neurons, the supplement fights memory loss, confusion, irritability, lack of understanding, and various other symptoms of cognitive decline. In elderly individuals the supplement reduces the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s. In the case of individuals who are already suffering from the disorder, regular use of alpha-GPC will reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Dosage: 300 – 1200 mg per day

What Alpha-GPC Does
Increases levels of acetylcholine
Improves blood flow in the brain
Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain
Removes waste materials and toxins from the brain
Promotes serotonin and dopamine
Alpha-GPC Benefits
Increases energy, motivation, focus, and memory
Improves short-term and long-term memory
Reduces fatigue, improves clarity, faster learning, and quick thinking
Protects neurons and improves brain health
Has antioxidant properties; slows down cell damage
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By Martin

Bought Alpha-GPC to add to my nootropic stack to improve learning and memory. The stack is working great. I can study for long hours, my concentration has improved, and the constant yawning during study sessions has reduced.

By Ray

Ten days and nothing has changed. Yeh, yeh, I get it. Certain supplements take time to work, but, how long before I switch to a powerful product.

By Alex

Very effective supplement. Helped me with focus and memory. It takes around two weeks of daily use to feel the change. It’s an excellent choline supplement to take with racetams.

By Frank

Heard a lot about choline supplements from my friends. Did a little research and finally ended up buying alpha-gpc. The supplement is affordable and it works. What I wanted to ask is, will this stuff build in the system and after a while will its effects wane? If that happens, should I increase the dose or look for an alternative? Waiting from a reply. Thanks.

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