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Agmatine brings about the necessary changes in the brain by crossing the blood-brain-barrier, and then it makes its way into the central nervous system, and finally attaches itself to the NMDAs, which are glutamate receptors.

The neurotransmitter glutamate is closely involved in memory functions. It’s also connected to synaptic plasticity. By attaching itself to the NMDA receptors, agmatine offers a broad range of cognitive benefits including enhancing memory, treating depression, reducing anxiety, and improving mood.

Studies show that agmatine blocks or inhibit calcium channels. It’s believed to have some influence on the concentration and functioning of nitric oxide as well. Higher concentration of nitric oxide can have positive effect on the blood vessels and keep the heart healthy.

The analgesic effects of agmatine stem from the endorphin chemicals and opioids it releases. Agmatine also augments the painkilling effects of fentanyl and morphine. The supplement increases stamina and promotes muscle growth. It’s effective in post-workout recovery.

Agmatine and Cortisol: This nootropic supplement will help our brain handle stress and anxiety. During an intense workout our muscles are under intense stress and cortisol levels sky-rocket. High cortisol levels can result in reduced libido, hypertension, suppressed immunity, anxiety, and various other problems. Agmatine can reduce the cortisol levels and help enhance mood, focus, decrease anxiety, reduce BP, and improve the overall health.

Agmatine and Glucose Metabolism: Experts believe that the supplement promotes glucose metabolism by stimulating the imidazoline receptors. The supplement increases the presence of beta-endorphin, which encourages glucose uptake in muscles. Through its actions, agmatine helps glucose storage and utilization. This will ensure the muscles have more glucose to utilize during workouts.

Agmatine, Blood Pressure, and Heart: Doctors call high blood pressure the “silent killer”. High blood pressure caused by narrowing of blood vessels will damage the heart and lead to various cardiovascular disorders. The agmatine supplement helps maintain normal blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. The supplement manages to achieve this by increasing nitric oxide in our body. Relaxed and healthy blood vessels efficiently and effectively transfer oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Agmatine Enhances Focus: Researchers used animals to test the benefits of agmatine, but scientists feel the same results will hold true even in the case of humans.

Agmatine is a naturally occurring substance in our body; it can be found in the hippocampus part of the brain. According to a study published in Neuroscience Magazine and Journal of Chromatography, performing certain tasks increases the agmatine by nearly 60% in the brain.

Similarly, a report published in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory stated that higher levels of agmatine can improve memory formation.

Dosage: 1.5 – 6.5 mg per kg of body weight per day

What Agmatine Does
Attaches itself to the NMDA receptors
It blocks calcium channels
Regulates nitric oxide
Has analgesic properties
Augments the painkilling effects of fentanyl and morphine
Agmatine Benefits
Enhances memory, treats depression, reduces anxiety, and improves mood
Improves general cognitive health
Prevents stroke, used for drug addiction, treats neuropathic pain
Helps post-workout recovery, aids muscle growth, improves stamina
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