Nootropic stack The Best Nootropic Stack To Pursue Artistic Excellence

The Best Nootropic Stack To Pursue Artistic Excellence

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  • Aniracetam – 750 mg per day
  • Piracetam – 1200 mg per day
  • Coluracetam – 5 – 10 mg per day
  • Phenibut – 300 mg per day
  • Sulbutiamine – 500 mg per day
  • Noopept – 10 mg per day
The nootropic stack consists of

Artistic talent, like every other faculty, needs nurturing. Just because a person is an unbelievablepainter, we can’t presume he/she mastered the art without putting much effort into it. Even to bring out the best in an artist some amount of support or push is needed. This nootropic stack can perform that function. It provides the right supplements to increase cognitive faculties such as focus, motivation, memory, creativity, imagination, and stamina.

This was not an easy stack to design. We had to consider several factors, studyresearch data, and compare synergistic effects, adverse reactions, and long-term impacts of each nootropic supplement. Finally, we created a stack that can deliver results without causing any side effects.

The two main racetams in this list, aniracetam and piracetam, provide a wide range of cognition-boosting effects such as increased focus and motivation, improved memory and learning ability, reduced anxiety and enhancement of mood. They are well tolerated by the body and side effects are usually rare.

Coluracetam is also part of the racetam family. It’s very effective in improving mood and tackling anxiety and depression. It enhances the five vital senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Another supplement in the list, phenibut is a good mood enhancer as well. It is also known to treat insomnia and fight the effects of sleep deprivation. noopept is a fast-acting synthetic supplement that improves cognition and increases the effectiveness of other nootropics. In this stack, sulbutiamine is tasked with the responsibility to boost focus when the user is tired and fatigued.

Benefits of Each Nootropic Stack Component

The nootropic stack for artistic excellence comprises of six ingredients that, we’re pretty certain, work individually and as a stack, to bring about the necessary benefits. Artistic people, particularly, writers and musicians, who seek to express themselves creatively, will find this nootropic stack helpful. Let’s check out how these nootropic supplements contribute individually.


We start with the most important ingredient of the stack. For artistic people, learning is a lifelong process; they learn and take inspiration from everything available to the senses, including nature, people, and books. So, memory, information storage, and quick recall are vital to their way of life. Aniracetam is uniquely effective in improving these cognitive faculties.

The nootropic works by promoting glutamate transmission, binding and stimulating KARs and AMPA receptors, promoting the release and the functioning of acetylcholine, and increasing the presence of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Aniracetam also boosts energy, increases motivation, and improves mood.


Piracetam is hugely popular, well-researched, and widely used nootropic. One of the main reasons for its wide acceptance is that piracetam doesn’t come with any significantside effects. Interestingly, it’s also the parent compound of many supplements in the racetam family.

In this stack, piracetam helps in boosting creativity, enhancing memory, and improving mood. Medical studies have also found this nootropic to facilitate and enhance communication between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. The nootropic works by promoting acetylcholine and influencing the NMDA glutamate receptors.


Coluracetam functions like most other racetams. Developed in Japan, this nootropic supplement is an effective choline uptake enhancer. Coluracetam gets involved in the HACU process and promotes absorption of choline into neurons. It even increases choline uptake in neurons that are damaged. By promoting, safeguarding, and improving the absorption of choline, coluracetam increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain.

Through its actions, coluracetam fights anxiety and depression, boosts learning and memory, and most importantly, improves the senses. You’ll see colors vividly, hear sounds clearly, and will be more mentally aware.


Created in the 60s by the Russians, phenibut is primarily used as a mood enhancer. It has proven to be effective in tackling depression, reducing anxiety, and fighting insomnia. It may have little to contribute in terms of creativity, memory, or imagination, but by improving the mood, relaxing the mind, calming the nerves, and promoting quality sleep, phenibut helps artistic people focus their mind on the task at hand. The nootropic will help you defeat external distractions and sharpen your focus.


Being a writer, musician, or a performer isn’t easy. It can be hard on the mind and the body.. Sulbutiamine has the same effect as thiamine. Its action on the dopamine, glutamatergic, and cholinergic receptors, is known to improve mood, memory, and concentration. When you’re tired and physically fatigued, sulbutiamine will support you and help you concentrate on the task.


Noopept is very effective in boosting overall cognitive functioning. Noopept may benefit different people in different ways, but there is no denying the fact that this synthetic nootropic is one of the strongest and most effective smart drugs in the market. Noopept is a powerful, fast-acting drug that’s easily absorbed by the body. It’s known for both nootropic and psychostimulatory effects.

Noopept improves mental energy, memory, and focus; it increases clarity of thought and ability to learn. Additionally, this peptide nootropic joins forces with other members – sulbutiamine, piracetam, and aniracetam – to enhance the strength of this stack.

Final Thoughts

There is no ready-made stack for pursuing artistic excellence. But, each nootropic in this stack was carefully selected for improving the key cognitive faculties that are vital for artistic people such as writers, musicians, painters, performers, etc. This stack is guaranteed to work; it’s effective and safe to use. We have received positive feedback from many users who have tried this stack. Do not experiment; use the stack for 2 to 3 months and share your experience with us.

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