Nootropics: The Do’s and Don’ts Everyone Needs to Follow

It will be next to impossible to find a person who would be content with the tag of being ‘average’ – average student, average employee, average sportsperson, etc. Every person wants to learn, acquires new skills, and improve personal and professional standing in the society.
To move from ‘average’ to the next level, the safest and most effective method would be to use Nootropics. These are special drugs that act as dietary supplements to enhance memory, improve intelligence, reduce stress, give a boost to the cognitive system, and provide the motivation that most people so dearly need.
Smart drugs are not candy that we can pop one or more into our mouth whenever we want. To maximize the potential of nootropic supplements without the possibility of any negative side effects we need to follow a set of dos and don’ts. Here are a few rules of Nootropics you need to know.

The Dos of Nootropics

Take Quality Nootropics

Never, we mean, never, compromise on the quality of the nootropic supplements, under any circumstances. In the United States, even though Nootropics are classified as dietary supplements they are in fact a form of medication. Smart drugs influence various elements in our brain; elements such as neurotransmitters, brain blood flow, etc. Using substandard supplements can lead to a lot of problems.
No one would want to knowingly put their health at risk. To avoid the purchase of substandard nootropics we advise careful research. Only buy nootropic supplements approved by health associations or government agencies such as FDA, etc. There is no dearth of information online; peruse the reviews, testimonials, comments, and forums to do your research before you decide to buy a product.

Have a Plan

Just because a nootropic plan works for your friend, the same need not yield results for you. It’s up to you to decide the cognitive ability that needs improvement, the type of supplement or stack that would help you and a plan that instructs on the Nootropics dose, the time, and duration.
You need to invest time and hard work to determine each one of the points mentioned in the previous paragraph. After drawing out a plan, stick to it, and measure the progress.

Monitor the Results

Are you experiencing positive results from the nootropic supplements you are taking? If you’re not sure, then it’s vital you start tracking results immediately. Don’t expect to see immediate results like the ‘Limitless’ movie. At times the results are quick and apparent, whereas on occasions it’s slow, invisible, and even absent.
There are many modern tools that make testing and tracking possible and easy. To track the progress various tests have been introduced by Cambridge Brain Sciences and Quantified Mind program. These tests can assess progress and the potency of nootropics taken to improve a wide range of cognitive capabilities. Alternatively, you can use the Mercury app. This particular app is designed to test the progress based on only feelings. Nevertheless, it’s a good tool to use for certain supplements.

The Don’ts of Nootropics

Avoid Attachment

Users of nootropics, at times, get mentally attached to the supplements. Attachment is different from addiction. As in addiction users may not feel withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing the enhancers, but they’ll surely have the urge to use again.
Never take more than what’s required to achieve the target. Consult a doctor or an expert and take only recommended levels of Nootropics. Don’t increase the dose without checking with your doctor. Attachment to Nootropics is a real thing; you need a doctor to help you overcome your dependence.

Smart Drugs are No Substitute for Bad Lifestyle

You may have wrongly believed that smart drugs alone can solve all your problems like lack of motivation, attention deficit, weak memory, dullness, etc. Nootropic supplements are just one part of the solution.
For Nootropics to work, users need to shun bad lifestyle and make changes that have a positive effect on the body, mind, and overall health. Make regular exercise, healthy diet, and adequate sleep your number Uno priority. Nootropics will only work when you combine the supplements with healthy life choices.