What is the Best Nootropic for Various Cognitive Needs?

As much as we would like to take one nootropic supplement and be done with it; our complex mental system houses not one, but a set of cognitive faculties that react differently to different supplements.

Finding the best nootropic to fulfill a particular cognitive need may require risky self-experimentation. Such a drastic step on your part is not necessary. Our focus today is to share our knowledge of the best nootropic for improving some of the most important cognitive faculties.

The Best Nootropic for Memory

Most people, especially students and entrepreneurs, turn to nootropics for just one reason – to enhance memory. To enhance memory, the nootropic we choose should increase something called the neural or synaptic plasticity. Scientists define this term as the ability of the neurons in our brain to create new connections and maintain old ones. It’s believed that improving synaptic plasticity can significantly enhance memory storage and recall.

There are two ways to improve neural plasticity:

Increasing Acetylcholine: The best memory supplement should not only stimulate the production of this vital neurotransmitter but also reduce the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain. The best choline source that performs both these functions is Alpha GPC.

Increasing Glutamate Uptake: Glutamate happens to be the most prevalent chemical in the brain. It plays a significant role in neural plasticity, the speed at which the new connections are formed, and the recollection of old memories. A slight increase in glutamate levels in the brain can do wonders for memory, concentration, and attention span. Studies have found that substances that stimulate NDMA and AMPA receptors (ampakines) are best suited to stimulate glutamate. The best ampakine that can be used for memory enhancement is aniracetam.

The Best Nootropic for Energy

Overwork, stress, unhealthy diet, and lack of adequate exercise are the reasons we constantly feel burned out and fatigued. While coffee or energy drinks are our usual refuge to beat fatigue, there is scientific evidence to show that nootropics can be a lot more effective in boosting our energy.

Instead of stimulating our central nervous system, nootropics address the problem at a fundamental level. They improve the blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Relative to its size, our brain consumes more oxygen than any other organ in our body. To increase the flow of oxygen we need to pump more blood (that carries oxygen) to the brain. Experts feel that better oxygenation can improve glucose metabolism and that in turn will boost energy. There are several studies that say vinpocetine is the best choice to increase oxygen and blood flow.

The Best Nootropic for Motivation

You might be insanely talented, intellectually gifted, and capable of achieving the impossible. But, without motivation, you won’t go anywhere or achieve anything. Lack of motivation, procrastination, and depression are problems faced by most people. Sometimes you want to break the cycle of low motivation, procrastination, and depression, but can’t do it on your own. This will further lead to depression and self-doubt.

Fortunately, a strong nootropic called phenylpiracetam can help you break the vicious cycle and motivate you to achieve your life goals. The addition of the phenyl group to the chemical structure of piracetam has made phenylpiracetam 60 times stronger than the parent supplement.

Stimulant properties make phenylpiracetam an effective, adverse-effect-free, alternative to Adderall. Phenylpiracetam is an excellent mood booster. It reduces anxiety and makes the user feel relaxed and happier by activating the dopamine receptors. Phenylpiracetam’s mood enhancing and stimulating effects combine to enhance the feeling of confidence and motivation. Those who take this nootropic will be motivated, focused, and ready to go the extra mile to realize their dream.